48 fun facts about Stranger Things

48 fun facts about Stranger Things

Volume 2 of Season 4 of Stranger Things was officially released on July 1. The audience was satisfied with the new journey of the characters in the film. Now it’s time to review the interesting things surrounding this movie while waiting for Season 5 to be released in Summer 2024.

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1. Stranger Things was created by twin brothers Matt and Ross Duffer. They are often referred to as the Duffer Brothers and are American film and television writers, directors, and producers. They act as executive producers of the film.

2. The film was originally called Montauk and took place on Long Island in 1980, but the Duffer brothers had to change locations when they realized how difficult it was to film there in the winter.

3. The Montauk project inspired the film. This is an alleged government-run project that took place in the 1980s. It is believed to be involved in the kidnappings of children on Long Island and experiments on them.

4. There were 906 boys and 307 girls who auditioned for the film. Each child was asked to read a part of the movie Stand By Me when they auditioned.

5. The iconic logo of the film was inspired by motion graphic designer Richard Greenberg. He is the man who designed the titles for films such as Alien, Superman, and The Goonies.

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6. The Reverse World’s real name is Nether. However, they got used to calling it Reverse World on set. Finally used this name for the movie. This was revealed by Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) in an interview.

7. Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin) was cast as soon as the Duffer brothers watched his first audition video. “When you see someone like Gaten, with his style, you have a thought: This kid, we have to put him in the movie, 100% sure.” That’s what Matt told the New York Times.

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8. Gaten Matarazzo, Sadie Sink, and Caleb McLaughlin have known each other since before starring in the film. Three child actors entered the Broadway stage at the same time. Matarazzo played Les Misérables, Sink played Annie and McLaughlin played The Lion King.

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9. Stephen King is the one who “found” Millie Bobby Brown. Long before the Duffers cast her as Eleven, King showed his love for Brown by tweeting, “Millie Brown, the little girl from the Intruders movie, is amazing. It was my imagination. Or are the child actors now all excellent?”.

10. It took the Duffer brothers four and a half hours to convince Winona Ryder to play Joyce. “We talked very little about the movie or the character Joyce. We were mostly just talking to get to know each other.” And the Duffer brothers asked Winona Ryder to join the project the next day.

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11. Finn Wolfhard is a movie nerd. The boy had watched all of the Duffer brothers’ films for research purposes.

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12. In the original script, Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve are the ones who use the Christmas lights to find the monster. However, one of the film’s screenwriters came up with the idea for Joyce to use Christmas lights to communicate with Will.

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13. Season 4 took 2 years to complete filming. It includes 9 episodes, 800 pages of the script along with thousands of scenes containing visual effects. The time to make season 4 is almost twice as long as the previous season.

14. David Harbor wants Hopper to wear a cowboy hat in homage to Indiana Jones. “He even asked us if it was possible to have a scene of a giant stone rolling towards him appear in the movie. We still don’t know if that was a joke.” The Duffer brothers said.

15. Joyce’s hairstyle was inspired by Meryl in Silkwood.

16. Lucas wearing a bandana in season 1 was the idea of ​​Caleb McLaughlin. “Sometimes the kids’ ideas are great. And this is one of those great things.” The Duffers talked about the idea with EW.

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17. Steve is supposed to be the worst guy on the planet. “The biggest credit goes to Joe Keery because he’s so much more likable and engaging than we originally planned for the character,” Ross told Variety. That’s why we have a lovely Steve as we are now.

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18. Matthew Modine has made a huge contribution to the development of his character – Dr.Brenner. It was very difficult for the Duffer brothers to write about Dr. Brenner because this character did not appear too much in the film.

19. Millie’s performance of Bobby Brown was inspired by ET. Matt and Ross told Millie that “You’re going to be an alien”.

20. The Duffer brothers used Will’s fake corpse to scare Noah Schnapp’s mother. “We brought Noah’s mother and told her we had something to show her. Then we took her to where Will’s fake corpse (Noah plays). At first, she was startled. and felt that we had crossed the line, but after the initial shock, she showed that she enjoyed it.

21. The manufacturer had to use up to 1200 pounds (more than 500kg) of salt to make Millie float in the water tank.

22. The film has added 80s colors to each frame to evoke a vintage feel.

23. The Duffer brothers used a photo of Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury Road to convince Millie to cut her hair short. Her father cried as they shaved her head. However, Millie considers it the best decision she has ever made.

24. Barb is Shannon Purser’s first role. “I thought this was going to be the greatest thing I’ve ever done and how wonderful it was that I got the role.” She told Esquire.

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25. Season 5 will be the final part of the series. The Duffer brothers’ original plan was to end the series after four to five seasons. However, we can still hope for spinoffs that may appear in the future.

26. The child actors cried after hearing that the drama would end. “I was confused,” Noah told Jimmy Fallon when he heard that season 5 would be the final season of the series. “I was so upset and texted Millie right away and she was like Are you crying too? Me too.” Then he texted Gaten and he was like “I’m crying too.”

27. Millie Bobby Brown wants her character to get married. When asked how she envisions Eleven’s story coming to an end, she told Glamor UK, “Eleven loves Mike – So I want them to be able to get married. That’s what I want. I wanted a wedding scene in Stranger Things. Eleven in a wedding dress and was like: Sorry, my nose is bleeding again This is a white dress, and yet… Doesn’t that sound interesting?

28. Demogorgon is a cartoon character. This is an excuse for the crew to reassure the child actors on set. Because both Holly Wheeler and Millie’s sister were scared by it. They say Demogorgon is from Monsters, Inc. (Monster Company).

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29. The movements of the “petals” on the Demogorgon’s head do not overlap. Duffer told EW, “They have a life of their own, so movements don’t move in a certain way either.”

30. The music in the film was composed by Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon – members of the band SURVIVE E. The Duffer brothers heard the music used in the movie The Guest and decided to convince them to make music. for Stranger Things.

30. An average of 8.8 million viewers watched season 2 in its first 3 days on Netflix. Not only that, up to 361,000 people watched all 9 episodes within the first 24 hours.

31. Millie Bobby Brown cried after filming a scene with Papa in season 2. She said it was one of the hardest scenes she’d ever done.

32. Millie Bobby Brown almost quit acting before joining Stranger Things. She said that at one point she felt she couldn’t act anymore, but when she got the role in Stranger Things, everything changed.

33. Bob’s move to Maine is an allusion to Stephen King. However, Bob doesn’t read Stephen King’s stories, because he hates that genre.

34. Winona Ryder helped Noah a lot with his acting in season 2. Noah said that whenever he needed assistance in a scene or had questions about something Winona was always the one to cheer and support him. guide me to complete the role well.

35. Millie Bobby Brown had CGI hair in a flashback in season 2. “It was pretty expensive so luckily there was only one shot like that. We couldn’t do CGI hair like that all season. okay,” Matt said to Vulture.

36. Erica Sinclair should have had less acting space. She was originally someone that the crew recruited directly in Atlanta and will only make a very small appearance. However, the crew loved her very much and decided to give her a chance to appear more.

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37. Duffer had to ask permission from Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman for permission to use the ghost-catching costume. At first, the director was quite confused as to what the purpose of using this costume was. However, after understanding the intention of the film that the Duffer brothers made, he was extremely happy and approved.

38. When they first started writing the script for season 2, they didn’t intend for Dustin and Steve to become close. However, these two characters have some similarities, so they thought that they should connect them to make the story more interesting.

39. The crew used minced beef and watermelon instead of raw meat scattered in the track scene. Sadie Sink felt nauseous in this scene because she is a vegetarian.

40. Sadie Sink almost didn’t qualify for the role of Max because she was too tall. She shared that she was once told that they thought she was too tall and could overwhelm boys. Fortunately, the boys have all grown significantly and are more suitable for Sadie’s height.

48 fun facts about Stranger Things 13

41. Bob should have died sooner but Ross said that they liked Sean Astin so much they decided to keep him until episode 8.

42. Will was supposed to be the one to kill Bob when controlled by the Mind Flayer. The Duffers revealed in an interview.

43. Visual effects in part 2 are applied much more than in part 1.

44. Initially, the crew did not intend to make Bob’s death so dramatic. However, Sean Astin repeatedly asked for it and the producer finally agreed with him on how his death would play out.

45. The actors’ group chat is called Stranger Texts. However, when on set, the actors prefer to play board games or cards rather than carry their phones.

46. ​​David Harbor loves Joyce and Hopper. He calls this couple Jopper.

47. The Duffer brothers asked Warner Bros. if they could adapt It, but Warner Bros. declined the offer.

48. Netflix wanted to shoot seasons 3 and 4 continuously, but the Duffer brothers and producers refused.

Above are 48 fun facts about the movie Stranger Things that Seizeshirt wants to share with you. Do you know any other news surrounding this movie? Please leave a comment.

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