The rules of baseball are much simpler than you think


Many people think that baseball is a complicated and difficult sport to play. However, the rules of baseball can be a lot simpler than you think. 

In the article below, Seizeshirt will introduce you more clearly to the rules of baseball.

The goal of a baseball game

The goal of the teams participating in the baseball game is to score more runs than the opposing team. For the offensive team, they must try to hit the ball as far as possible, run through the golf courses, and back to the home plate to complete a run. Conversely, the defending team will attempt to throw the ball so that the opposing team’s batter cannot return the ball or attempt to catch the ball before the opposing team reaches the goal.

Players and Tools

A baseball game is a contest between two teams, each consisting of 9 players. Each match usually lasts 9 innings, in which the teams will alternately become the attacking team and the defending team, meaning one team will be the offensive team (battery team) in the first half and the defensive team in the first half. second half. The points of each round are then added together, and the team with the higher score wins. Each team will have 3 outs (the attacking team’s batter is removed from the field) before switching roles.

The baseball field will be divided into two parts, the inner court, and the outer court, separated by a white line. In the inner court, there is a small diamond-shaped course with a side length of 27.36m, made up of a house plate and 3 golf. In the middle of this diamond field is the pitching mound. This is where the defending pitcher will stand and make his pitch toward the opposing team’s hitter.

The attacking team’s batter and the defending team’s catcher will be at the home plate. In it, the hitter stands in front, the catcher stands behind. In the other 3 corners of the diamond shape (3 golf), there will be 3 members of the defending team standing “guard”. In a round, the batter of the attacking team must run through all of these golf courses in turn to score his team a run (1 point).

Equipment used in baseball is also quite simple, including bats, balls, gloves, and some other protective equipment. Baseball bats are usually made from wood, aluminum, or alloy. The ball used in this sport is white with red lines and is small in diameter, about 7 – 7.5cm. During a match, members of the defending team will wear a large glove, called a bit. Catchers will be equipped with an extra pad under the glove along with foot, chest, and head protection by baseball regulations.

The basic equipment used in baseball will be bats, balls, and gloves

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How to score

To score, the attacking team’s batter must catch the ball with his bat and hit the ball as far as possible. They then have to take turns running to the golf courses and back to the home plate before the defending team members catch the ball and knock them out (using force out, fly out and tag out).

If they successfully run to the home plate without being eliminated by the members of the defending team, the attacking team will score a run or a point. If a batter feels he may not make it to the next golf course before that golfer catches the ball and disqualifies him, he or she can stop at any golf course and become a runner. They will run to the rest of the golf courses if their teammate hits the ball on the next turn. At this time, the attacking team can score many points at once, the number of points scored depends on the number of members who can run to the home plate. Each hit will score up to 4 points.

The rules of baseball stipulate that, in special cases, if they can hit the ball outside the field (to the audience), the attacking team will score a home run, which means they can run all at will. golf spots on the course without being obstructed by an opponent. Home-run is a direct hit.

While members of the offensive team try to score, the defending team members must either try to catch the ball before it hits the ground or catches the ball and pass it to their team’s keeper. Goalkeepers will catch the ball and try to run back to the goal or touch a member of your team to knock them out of the round. If 3 members of the opposing team are eliminated from the field, the 2 teams will switch roles.

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How to determine victory or defeat in a baseball game

To win a baseball game, each team must try to get as many points as possible in each round. The team with the most points after 9 innings wins. However, the match may end early if the score difference between the two teams is too large, for example, 17 points by the 5th round or 10 points by the 7th round.

In the event of a tie, the two teams will proceed to overtime until a winner is found.

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Important points in baseball rules you should know

In the rules of baseball, a game consists of 2 players, each team consists of 9 people. The defensive team’s on-court positions include:

  • pitcher
  • Player catching the ball
  • First goalkeeper
  • 2nd goalkeeper
  • 3rd goalkeeper
  • Player on shortstop (shortstop is between 2nd and 3rd base)
  • 3 players on the far side (right wing, center, and left-wing).

The match will last for 9 innings, in which each team will have the right to attack (hit the ball) 1 time in 1 round. If the defending team is still leading at the end of the 9th half of the round, they will no longer need to play their ball. If the match is tied after 9 innings, the teams will proceed to overtime to decide the winner.

Once the order and membership of the batting have been decided, it cannot be changed. Teams can change players, but they will have to hit the ball in the order of their replacement.

If the hitter hits the ball from the pitcher, they must try to at least run to the first base. They can then run to as many golf courses as they want and stop if they suspect they will be disqualified when they reach the next base. Once they hit the golf course, they become runners and can run to the next golf course when their teammates hit the ball. The hitter needs to touch certain parts of the goal to be counted as reaching that base.

The hitter’s job is to hit the incoming ball

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In contrast, a hitter will get a maximum of 3 strikes (3 chances to miss the ball) before being disqualified from the round. A strike occurs when the hitter swings the club but misses the ball. The hitter may not swing the club, but if the ball is in a certain area, called the “strike zone”, it still counts as a strike. If the pitcher fails, i.e. the ball flies out of the strike zone, and the hitter does not swing the club, he or she has the right to go to the first base without hindrance.

Meanwhile, the members of the defending team will try to eliminate as many opponents as possible. A player will be disqualified by:

  • Strike out: The hitter misses 3 turns of the ball.
  • Force out: When a ball player fails to reach the base goal before the player holding that base catches the ball.
  • Fly out: When the ball is hit into the air and is caught by a member of the defending team before falling to the ground.
  • Tag out: The defending team player gets the ball and touches the batter while they are running golf.

As you can see, baseball is an interesting sport and not as difficult as you think. Just by knowing the simple rules of baseball, you can have fun with your friends or loved ones in this game.


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