How to play basketball

How to play basketball 6

This article will be for those of you who want to learn how to play basketball from basic to advanced. Whatever the reason that leads you to this sport, Seizeshirt highly recommends you to play this sport because they simply bring a lot of benefits to your health.

By analyzing in detail all the most basic basketball techniques, such as how to put the ball, how to move, and how to throw the ball into the basket most accurately. Mastering these important skills will surely improve your basketball skills very quickly.

How to play basketball

Is playing basketball for you?

This is a question that most of you who are starting to have an interest in basketball ask themselves, maybe you have observed or heard someone say that basketball needs to be tall, strong, and flexible to play.

I would like to tell you that it is completely wrong. Although height in basketball is a great advantage, reality shows that there are many famous basketball players who are not too tall. they still have the ability to play extremely well and discourage the tallest defenders.

Health and flexibility are something that you can completely get when you work hard and like all sports, your skills and fitness will be improved very quickly.

Now here are the basic to advanced basketball tutorials, which are very useful for both beginners, as well as those who have been practicing basketball for a while and want to improve their level in the game. basket.

How to play basic basketball ” how to dribble”

dribbling the ball is one of the most important basketball techniques and the first one you must master if you want to play well in basketball.

At first glance, you can see that professional basketball players seem to be very gentle and simple, but in fact, this is a skill that requires perseverance and practice to be able to reach the point where you can’t look at the ball and still have the ball. can control the ball as you like.

The purpose of basketball practice is to help us get the best feel for the ball so that we can control the ball as we want. Requires the right wrist to be both flexible and strong flexible.

How to play basketball 1

1. Basketball Stuffing Pose

A correct position when dribbling is that you need to lower your center of gravity with your knees shoulder-width apart, standing firmly with your body slightly bent. Pay attention when doing this movement as well as when playing, when dribbling the ball, the maximum height of the ball when bouncing up must not exceed the waist to avoid losing the ball.

The foot position needs to be flexible with the knees to be ready to change the direction of movement to deceive the opponent’s defenders who want to block you.

You also need to note that the contact point of the basketball with your hands is not the palm, but the point of contact in the fingers spreads down to the callus.

Thus, when you dribble the ball, your ball feeling will also be better along with the coordination of wrist force with the ball more accurately, so that the ball is always in your control.

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2. Basketball stuffing technique

Initially, you should practice kneading the ball for each hand individually to get used to the weight of the basketball, which is quite heavy for new players. In the first stage, you practice dribbling as much as possible.

The first time to perfect your dribbling you can stand in one place and practice after a bit of practice when you get used to it, you can take it a step further and walk while walking. ball stuffing.

3. Advanced dribbling technique

Once you’ve mastered the above step, you can confidently move on to higher dribbling techniques, by shifting the ball from your right hand to your left hand, pushing the ball around behind your back, or passing the ball over your groin….

Once you reach this level, your dribbling skills have come a long way. Once you have good ball feeling and flexible wrists you can practice to the point where you don’t need to look at the ball to still feel the ball and you can both dribble and move at an increasing speed.

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How to lead basketball effectively

The basketball leading technique is the skill that shows the difference between a professional player and a novice player. When playing basketball, you cannot immediately pass the ball to your teammates or you are not in the best position to pass or shoot.

To be able to perform well the dribbling technique requires the player to be very proficient in the ability to stuff the ball with both hands, you have to move quickly and slickly and just have to stuff the ball, change direction …

How to play basketball 2

The posture when leading the basketball is a low center of gravity, directing people to move in the direction of the ball, keeping an eye on teammates and opponents.

To be able to dribble well, you need to move in a zigzag pattern or change the direction of motion continuously so that the opponent can’t guess your intentions, unless you seize the opportunity, you will dribble the ball high and move. as fast as possible.

Good basketball leadership can only be achieved when you continuously practice and this skill will gradually be mastered over time.

How to throw a basketball correctly

Perhaps this is a particularly familiar image, even those who rarely watch basketball can see the image of athletes holding the ball and throwing the ball into the basket looking very “delicious”.

But the reality of being able to achieve a good basketball shooting technique with excellent hitting at the top requires both a lot of practice and a little extra flair with excellent ball feel and space. If you don’t believe it you can try! It’s not as simple as you think 🙂

But rest assured, as long as you follow the instructions below, your ability to throw the ball into the basket will definitely improve.

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How to throw a 3-point basketball

This is a very familiar image, if you have watched the top basketball players compete, you will find that the 3-point basketball is too simple and boring, but when you try You can see that this basketball shooting technique is not as simple as you think.

But throwing a 3-point ball is not impossible or requires the ability many people imagine, it is important that you practice persistently and it is better to practice right from the beginning to perfect the way you play. your basket faster.

1. The foot position in the technique of throwing a basketball on the spot

When preparing to throw the ball, you can put it in two positions, depending on your comfort, you can choose either or both of the ways below:

+ Standing position facing the basketball post, legs parallel, feet shoulder-width apart

+ The legs are slightly apart and create an angle of about 30º with the line connecting the throwing position to the basket.

When preparing to throw the pillow, you slightly lower your center of gravity to create an elastic force to throw the ball, eyes directly on the basket.

Note that you should put your feet shoulder-width apart, this is the standard position to be able to make a successful 3-point basketball shot.

How to play basketball 3

2. Basketball throwing technique “hand movement”

The standard hand motion when shooting a basketball doesn’t just apply to 3-pointers, but you can apply it to most long-range pitches.

It is important that you practice making your pitch when you throw the ball, usually the standard basketball shooting frame will be the letter L.

How to play basketball 4

Initially, your frame and place the ball at eye level, this will be difficult at first, but after practicing and practicing regularly, this becomes a very useful and necessary skill.

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Next, you slightly bend down to gain momentum, relax your body, adjust your breathing to the right rhythm, fix your wrists, then perform a throw.

It’s the series of moves needed to make a perfect 3-point pitch. The expression may seem a bit complicated, but when you do it well, the results will not disappoint you at all.

Basketball technique: How to get on the basket effectively (Lay-up)

Is a way to put the ball into the opponent’s basket when moving and you will score 2 points for your team. By moving from round 3 points on the opponent’s court with 2 steps to the basket.

The important thing to make an effective hit is that you need to calculate where to start moving up the basket, usually professional athletes will choose a 3-point round.

If you are a novice or you have a short height, you should perform this movement from within 3 points of the opponent.

Next, if you are right-handed, the direction of your movement to go up the basket is to the right, and deviate from the direction of the basket about 40º to 45º. Do the opposite when you are left-handed.

If you choose the right hand to throw, when performing the jump, your left foot will be placed first, followed by the jump, and throw the ball into the basket.

How to play basketball 5

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That’s the most basic technique to get on the basket so that you and your teammates can score 2 points when participating in basketball competitions.


Those are all the sharing and instructions on how to play the most basic basketball as well as advanced basketball techniques for those who are passionate about this power and speed sport.

If you have any suggestions or questions that need to be resolved, you can fill in the comment section below, so that Seizeshirt can edit and add to complete the content of the article.

Besides, If you are a basketball lover, you gotta check this out!


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