Fishing Tips Top 8 Fishing Tips for Beginners

Fishing Tips for Beginners

Fishing does not have any age, gender, cultural or economic restrictions. You can choose any fishing terrain that suits your conditions, fishing on the shore, on the boat, using specialized fishing equipment, or simply homemade. Many beginners often have no idea or are very vague about fishing knowledge. Although there are no rules for fishing, we also need to learn some basic general knowledge and skills to cope with the changing fishing environment. The following article will cover fishing tips for beginners to help you fish most effectively.

Fishing Tips for Beginners
Fishing Tips for Beginners

The benefits of fishing

Women Fishing
Women Fishing

Based on the research of scientists and entertainment organizations around the world, we summarize the benefits of fishing as follows:

Increase resistance and endurance

Fishing is not like other sports, but you will always have to enjoy the sun, the wind, the river, and the sea, and moving the complex terrain should give you good health.

In addition, fishing helps you realize the healthy, enjoyable life and benefits of living outdoors, says Janna Superstein, president of Superfly (an outdoor fishing organization).

Throwing a fishing rod is a specific act of fishing, combined with artificial flight paths that will help breast cancer patients recover. This can be seen as a form of support, treatment, and exercise. Throwing is similar to exercise after surgery or radiation therapy. This is great for women at every stage of treatment and recovery

Very good stress reliever

For those who work in a stressful environment, relaxing and de-stressing by completely using their mind for fishing is a great thing after stressful working hours.

According to the analysis of the fishing association, every time the fish eats the bait, the nerves are stimulated, making it easier for the mind to forget everything around, especially work pressure, excitement, and excitement. focus on work the next day

But we should not abuse fishing too much, it will have the opposite effect, it will distract us when working and think a lot about fishing, so it is most reasonable to moderate 1-2 days on weekends.

Family bonding

Fishing is not only for the anglers but can turn the fishing trip into a family Picnic and family members participate.

Being able to explore and find fresh natural places camping, fishing, barbecuing with family, and immersing in nature is the best way to connect husband and wife, and children together, children also can discover more unknown things about nature. Meaningful and low cost, easy to implement

In addition, there are many natural fishing spots, while fishing and drinking with relatives and family is also the best thing. After fishing, the whole family can enjoy the results of natural fish, which is also the best thing

Great source of nutrition

With the fish that you catch, most of them are wild fish, it is guaranteed to be cleaner and more delicious than fish raised in artificial ponds. It contains a rich amount of fatty acids, omega-3, which can reduce blood pressure, risk of stroke and heart failure

So what fishing tips are there for beginners? Let’s find out together.

Fishing Tips for Beginners


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Learn more fishing tips below.

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The first fishing tips is a matter of weather

An important prerequisite for fishing is the weather. Different weather different fishing, different weather different fishing, to give a simple example, low weather conditions can easily lead to a lack of oxygen. High-temperature fishing in the morning and evening, low-temperature fishing in the afternoon, fishing requires patience. Another point is the wind. It is best to catch the wind in summer, which can increase the oxygen content in the water, and the temperature will drop slightly. The bait is much more active in hot weather.

On sunny days, fish in deep water, far water. Cloudy day fishing in shallow water, near water. On sunny days, the light is strong, good for carp fishing in muddy water. Low cloud light is good for carp fishing in shallow water.

Another point is the temperature. The temperature difference is about 5°C to 8°C, better for fishing. Within a day, if the temperature difference exceeds 15°C, fishing is not good.

The second fishing tips is to look toward the wind

There are two problems to deal with when fishing in the wind: one is the fishing position. Most southerly winds are warm winds. The north wind is mainly cold. East wind and west wind are not good for fishing, especially west wind, the fish will stop eating.

If you insist on fishing, only the basket will not be brought back. The wind is divided into strong wind and good wind. Strong wind should be used to catch the wind waist. The good wind can be used to catch the tailwind, also known as the fish wind.

Therefore, the choice of fishing location in windy weather is not only related to wind direction but also related to wind energy. When adjusting for drift, the drop should be slightly heavier than the float. Don’t let the wind blow the float away.

The third fishing tips is fishing time

Fishing time is related to the seasons. Different seasons are different. “Morning and Evening Summer Fishing” in the fishing proverb is about fishing time. Fishing in the morning is called early fishing, fishing in the evening is called late fishing, and fishing can be started right after dawn, until sunset.

Start with sunset and fish until the float is no longer visible. Before and after the frost, the fish’s evening changes slightly. In spring and autumn, fishing can still be done on cloudy days and at noon. In summer it is difficult to fish at noon. At night fishing for catfish and carp, most fish bite the hook at seven and ten o’clock.

The fourth fishing tips is to look at the terrain

When looking at the terrain while fishing, there are two issues, one is the safety of the people, and the second is the problem of the fish. It’s not easy to sit in a place without fish. This usually happens while fishing. At the water’s edge, there is inevitably danger and it is necessary to analyze whether it is safe or not.

Don’t just focus on fishing, accidents can cause trouble for brothers. Looking at the terrain, we must also check the surroundings of the fishing location, whether there are high voltage power lines overhead, whether there are bushes and grass behind and to the sides, and whether the road is flat. Everyone needs to pay attention to safety when fishing.

These fishing tips can help you fish a lot more accurately.

The fifth fishing tip is to look at the water quality

When going into the water, whether to fish or not to fish, shallow or deep fishing, fishing is all determined by the quality of the water. Water quality is divided into muddy and fat water, muddy water includes muddy water and fresh mud water, which is clear water. Good water and bad water can be seen at a glance.

If it’s muddy water (whatever it is), on cloudy or rainy days, don’t go fishing. Instead, go on a sunny day. The clear water can be fished deep and far. Water that has an odor, a pungent smell, is bad. No fish in bad water.

The quality of the water also determines if it is possible to catch fish quickly. For example, catfish like snakehead, and catfish belong to bottom fish. If the pond is well watered, there are ways to attract catfish to the upper and middle tiers. Fast fishing can increase the frequency of catching fish, and it is often used in fishing competitions.

Looking at water quality, muddy water should use colored bait, like white rice, and gravy noodles. Natural water can use natural bait, such as bran bait, bean cake, pellet feed, etc. Fatty water should cover small nests, and thin water can cover large nests. Bait can be changed and is usually used according to different types of fish.

The sixth fishing tips is to throw a fishing rod

Good habits are best developed at the beginning and are difficult to change in later stages. Toss the fishing rod to swing the bait and hold a thread with one hand so that it is not easily blown by the wind. The fishing rod must be slowed down when the line is falling or the position will be inaccurate;

To stimulate the fish, press the rod slowly under the water or pull it back slightly. Note that the speed should be slow, as the bait falls off easily. Finally, the fishing rod is raised. The standard action is to straighten your arms and use your shoulders as an axis. Lifting the fishing rod, the advantage of this is that it is not easy to cut the line and it is not easy to run the fish, because the force is almost upward. After the hook hits the fish’s mouth, the fish will feel pain and it will float with upward force, and the fish will break free.

Knowing more about these fishing tips can make you extremely successful when fishing.

The seventh fishing tips is to choose the right bait

Fishing Tips
Fishing Tips

Remember a formula: main attack + base + additive.

  • Basic bait: Initial pond pellets, feed, wheat bran, etc…. Learn about the long-term taste of fish food.
  • Main bait (fake): special fishing lures produced by many different manufacturers, with specific lures. As you often buy fake bait, iron fish, spoon bait…
  • Powder bait specialized for fishing reels:

The additive’s application formula is taste type (potato, apple, etc.) medicinal wine) + appetizing (fish appetizer, hawthorn sauce, etc.) + anesthetic.

There should be no problem with baits made with these basic recipes. But note that the bait and the flavor of the additives cannot be flushed with each other, and all kinds of fishy and fragrant baits must not be mixed.

A single-flavored bait that can be used in early spring and winter. The flavor of the additives cannot be flushed out from each other, and all kinds of fishy and fragrant baits must not be mixed. A single-flavored bait that can be used in early spring and winter. You can refer to the experience of single fishing before choosing the bait.

The eighteen fishing tips is The Right Size Fishing Gear

Get fishing gear that’s sized appropriately to the fish you’re pursuing, and don’t try to get one-size-fits-all rods and reels. The 12-pound-class casting reel you love using for bass is simply too heavy for tossing the tiny jigs and spinners that black crappie likes to hit, and the four-pound-class ultralight that’s ideal for casting micro-jigs to that crappie can’t handle a big largemouth bass. Middle-of-the-road gear won’t be ideal for either task. Rather than trying to make do, get gear that’s sized for the species you’re targeting.


After reading these fishing skills and tips, practice more and gain experience in the fishing process. Because there is no theorem for fishing like this, you need to master good skills to deal with ever-changing fish. Hope you find the best fishing tips in this article!


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