Top 15 best songs by Lady Gaga

Top 15 best songs by Lady Gaga, according to music critics

Billboard’s expert team voted the 15 best songs in Lady Gaga’s career.

With her outstanding musical talent and relentless efforts, Lady Gaga has become a shining icon of contemporary music. She has devoted the audience to countless excellent works, imbued with Lady Gaga’s imprint.

Top 15 best songs by "monster mother" Lady Gaga, according to music critics

15. “You and I”


Featuring legendary guitarist Brian May of the rock band Queen, “You and I” is Lady Gaga’s most iconic arena-rock track. “You and I” was inspired by Gaga’s relationship with ex-boyfriend Luc Carl, and has been likened to her intoxication in love. The song received positive reviews from experts and became one of the most prominent tracks from the album “Born This Way”.

14. “MANiCURE”


It’s a pity that this song was not released as a single for the album “ARTPOP”. The content of “MANiCURE” is about a trick to seduce a young man. Its chorus resounds with passion and eroticism.

13. “Monsters”


“He aa-ate my heart,” Gaga utters in “Monster,” a fierce dance track that tells the story of a girl over and over again falling in love with a guy. bad and can’t get out. “He’s a wolf in disguise/ But I can’t stop staring in those evil eyes”, the lines showing the blindness in love resounded attractively through the voice of “monster mother”.

12. “Alejandro”


“Alejandro” is a Europop masterpiece by British singer and composer RedOne, widely regarded as the key to Lady Gaga’s music. Lady Gaga said: “This video is about the pure friendship between me and gay men. It’s like a confession of my envy for their bravery – the bravery required. there is a time when they want to be with the person they love.”

11. “Perfect Illusion”


Gaga, Bloodpop, and Mark Ronson co-created “Perfect Illusion”, but it was musician Kevin Parker (member of Tame Impala) who created the brilliant beauty of this disco-rock song. The song was chosen as the opening single for the album “Joanne” and the performances of “Perfect Illusion” by the female singer born in 1984 always conquered the audience.

10. “Speechless”


The song is Gaga’s persuasion to her father Joseph Germanotta to try to undergo heart surgery because he has aortic valve regurgitation, and “Speechless” serves as a reminder to her fans: “You should respect and be filial to your parents because, in this world, you only have one person to give birth to!”. Speechless has music from the 80s. That’s what gives the song a rather sad sound, a sad sadness that a series of divas from the 70s and 80s have performed brilliantly.

9. “The Edge of Glory”


“The Edge of Glory” is an upbeat dance song about the last moments of life on Earth. The melody and words flowing in the song remind listeners of the works of the legendary Bruce Springsteen because it contains some similar properties to the electro-rock genre, especially the synthpop parts. The song stands out for its fast, upbeat, and playful rhythm that contrasts with the dark nature of the songs on the album “Born This Way”.

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8. “Do What U Want”

“Do What U Want” was once criticized because in this song Gaga collaborated with scandalous rapper R. Kelly. That aside, this still works to be appreciated. “Do What U Want” possesses an attractive and strange melody that has never been seen in Gaga’s previous compositions.

7. “Born This Way”


You may not know that “Born This Way” has special meaning not only for Lady Gaga. This is the 1000th song to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100. “Born This Way” is considered the best song expressing a humanitarian view for the gay community. With a dance-pop melody mixed with electropop, “Born This Way” captivates everyone who listens for the first time. If it’s not an exaggeration, “Born This Way” is one of the most brilliant lipstick marks in Lady Gaga’s career.

6. “Million Reasons”


This is a pop ballad with a country music vibe, with slow guitar and piano sounds. The lyrical content of “Million Reasons” delves into the “heartbreak and hope” in a love affair.

5. “Just Dance”


“Just Dance” – the revolution in Lady Gaga’s music – started a series of successful days in the career of the vocalist from New York. “Just Dance” is critically acclaimed as one of the best dance songs of 2008. The song won number one in the most demanding markets of the US, UK, Australia, and Canada.

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4. “Marry The Night”


The album “Born This Way” is truly a masterpiece because it contains so many excellent songs. “Marry the Night” is a dance-pop song influenced by house and electropop. The lyrics express Gaga’s love of night and party, as an homage to the magnificent New York homeland.

3. “Telephone”


“Telephone” is the most prominent component in the album “The Fame Monster”. The lyrics of “Telephone” are about a singer who prefers the dance floor to answer calls from her boyfriend. According to Lady Gaga, the phone present in the lyrics is not an inanimate phone, it represents a person who is always on her mind, always urging her to work harder.

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2. “Poker Face”


“Poker Face” blends dance-pop and electropop with a fast, vibrant tempo, perfect for parties. The BBC once commented: “Pocker Face shows her crazy craving for fame and riches”. “Pocker Face” once brought Gaga the 2009 Grammy Gold Cup for Best Dance Record.

1. “Bad Romance” 


“Bad Romance” brought Lady Gaga. Billboard critics recognized this as the best song of the female singer’s career. “Bad Romance” subtly blends dance-pop, house, electronic and new wave genres. The song is bold, seductive, and dramatic but no less lyrical, which is extremely successful through the skillful voice of “monster mother”. “Bad Romance” won two awards for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and Best Short Form Music Video at the 2010 Grammys.


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